Because of the rapidly changing, increasingly globalization on education and researches, Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada is committed to optimize the international collaboration with foreign universities around the globe in order to be more recognizable of other countries and peoples, appreciative of cultural diversity, and capable of functioning as internationally competent individuals.

Bureau of international affairs (BKLN) was established for driving forward the international strategy to broaden the partnerships with universities, research institutions, international organization and associations and opportunities for international students and scholars. We promote international cooperation through exchange of student, professors, joint research and education programs.

Academic staffs and student exchanges

We promote staffs and students exchange program with university partners. The main objective of this initiative is to promote and increase staff mobility within the partner universities in order to enhance their academic capacity and international networks. Potential founding will be possible from several sources and depending on the existing programs.

Joint researches

Our commitment is to widen the joint-research with research institutions and universities around the world in the field of geo-sciences and related fields such as natural resources and environmental management, urban planning, natural hazards, and climate changes.

Joint education

To address the internationalization of higher education, Fakultas Geografi provides the students to gain a portion of their education in reputable qualified educational organizations for the purpose of providing joint courses in several countries. This includes double degree program, PhD sandwich program, summer school, short course, fieldwork, research project involvement, internships, independent study and cultural tours.

Academic consultation

We offer a full range of support and guidance to teaching staffs, faculty members, and students on the needs of opportunities on scholarships and give advice to international students who visit and study in our faculty. We also provide the possibilities to students who want to find professor in the foreign countries.